CEA LogoCommunity Energy Advisors serves commercial, government, and affinity companies of all sizes looking to make smart choices to manage their natural gas and electric power needs.   Tracking thousands of client power bills and supplier commissions annually, the company was overwhelmed in the amount of data and spreadsheets needed to run the business.  Silo Connectors worked with Community Energy Advisors to build their Salesforce instance from out-of-the-box to a fully developed platform   to store and manage their information in one location.  The project began as a startup customizing standard objects and loading contacts, and progressed to building custom objects to properly track bills and annual usages, monthly commissions received in and paid out, and multiple contract types.  Reports and workflows were created to automate data flow processes and provide key statistics to account managers and executives on an as-needed and immediate basis. Silo Connectors helped CEA select a tool for capturing the massive amounts of data on the gas and electric bills and automatically populate custom fields in Salesforce for analysis by CEA executives.  This eliminated  hundreds of employee hours spent manually entering data.  CEA Principal Kevin Lauterjung shared the following quote regarding the project and Silo Connectors: 

“Working with Silo Connectors was one of the best consulting experiences we have encountered.  Timely and responsive, their team, from senior management to the project manager to the programmers, they were focused on delivering on the commitments made in our contract.  They worked hard to understand the complexities of our business.  They asked a lot of questions.  Likewise, they patiently answered our questions.  Ultimately they helped us to learn how to maintain and update our Salesforce platform, from adding new users to creating custom reports.”  Learn more about CEA at www.communityenergyadvisors.com

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Business Problem and Benefit

Silo Connectors was instrumental in breaking down an information barrier that existed between scheduled waste pickup times and the reality that scheduled waste pickup time may not be optimal.  Our consultants posed the question:  What if we used the Internet of Things or IoT to solve this challenge?  By deploying a sensor in each waste container that transmits fill status over a wireless network their pickup routes can be optimized.   This reduces fuel cost, reduces emissions, and increases profitability.   The waste removal firm has increased their customer satisfaction in numerous ways.   Because the sensors can report a full dumpster, their trucks can be dispatched to empty the dumpster on demand.   Their customers greatly appreciate this service as a full dumpster can attract rodents and levy fines from municipalities.  The firm is also calling clients that have long periods of empty containers to validate that they still need the container.   This also allows the firm to redeploy that asset instead of buying new containers.

Technology Used

Silo Connectors helped a waste removal firm design and implement an application stack that accesses hundreds of Enevo™ sensors using an API to return JSON data about waste containers placed in a large geographic market. The information is stored in a PostgreSQL™ database on a Heroku™ server.  Silo Connectors, using salesforce.com, created access to all of the data via custom APEX/VisualForce™ code and real-time links in Microsoft Excel.  This is the Internet of Things at work.

Reclaim Synergy, LLC

Reclaim Synergy (Formerly Sunrise Plastics Group) is committed to conservation by providing green solutions to the plastics industry.  SPG specializes in the removal of Post Industrial materials and creates case specific landfill avoidance programs.   Reclaim Synergy was introduced to Silo Connectors as consultant that could make enhancements to their existing Salesforce deployment.   Upon meeting with their Vice President of Sales, Silo Connectors consultants quickly identified the need for integration with their inventory database and Salesforce.   Reclaim has a unique business model that values finding new sources of post industrial waste as much as it does selling that waste to companies that can use the waste as a raw material for new products.   Sunrise’s goal is to capture full semi trailer loads or 40,000 pounds of a given waste type and offer it for sale to their customers.   Prior to engaging Silo Connectors the process of assigning load number to the waste material was manual.   This created a problem in that Sunrise has multiple warehouses where the loads of material are stored and the same load number could be assigned to two separate loads.  The impact of duplicate load numbers was significant because many of the loads are shipped overseas are subject to US export laws.   Silo Connectors created an integration between Salesforce and the inventory database that would automatically assign the load number inside of Salesforce so that the Reclaim sales team could see real time inventory data and notify potential buyers of their inventory.    Reclaim is also planning to use Campaigns to notify their buyers automatically through email from Salesforce.

State Health Services

The Company created a public-facing application that integrates salesforce.com with Google Charts and Google Maps to display health data for a State government client. The application is responsible for querying data stored in a salesforce instance, aggregating the results, and displaying them to the end user based of several points of interaction. The user is given the ability to pick from available demographics including Age, Gender, Race, Region, and County. The application back-end is developed in a way that allows an administrator to add new categories, specify which categories should show on the home page, add definitions, and update the FAQ section using the point and click functionality provided by salesforce.

Training Firm

Using salesforce as the centralized control, the Company developed a system that allows a customer to purchase access to a webinar in Eventbrite™ and within minutes be registered with Citrix™ and receive an email with the access link. Salesforce then polls the Eventbrite™ database looking for new purchases to update client data and authentication.

Election Campaign

Working with the Lead Salesforce Administrator at an election campaign, the Company created the following:

  1. Multiple VisualForce forms used to allow the public the ability to leave comments, concerns, make donation pledges, and sign up to help the campaign,
  2. Custom APEX to read the subjects and bodies of emails and identify possible threats to the president using a list of keywords provided by the campaigns salesforce administrator, and
  3. A custom console button to allow campaign volunteers to send emails to multiple cases that reduced the time and training required for new volunteers.

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