Silo Repository Connectors

Centralization, Coordination of Disparate Information Repositories

Every business, no matter what size, has documents and information that are the foundation of the company. Team members need to access and collaborate on critical documents, presentations and files, and that information needs to stay secure through multiple levels of reviews and approvals. Businesses need a central content repository that provides best-in-class security for your information, as well as the robust collaboration tools your team needs to be productive and keep your business competitive in an ever changing market.
Silo Connectors provides implementation services so your business can operate faster across all departments, ensure everyone is aligned, and drive growth while maintaining security of your files. Our preferred partner for collaboration is Box.

Business Process Optimization

Any application whether client hosted or cloud based needs to make sure that the underlying business process is understood and more importantly is it a good process.   Silo Connectors offers Business Process Mapping and Optimization services to organizations considering new applications or that have already deployed and not finding the value they hoped to derive.

This service is delivered through a thorough engagement with executive management and end users at the client site.   We focus on short term wins that generate positive ROI. We help the client to quantify the value of the change. The deliverables of this engagement are custom but usually can be done in a week or two.


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