Silo Data Connectors

Data Discovery

More data means more possibility. But only if you can use that data. Real data discovery requires an interactive, visual discovery tool that makes it easy to explore data. Requiring a technical expert to set up an analytics environment or write reports on your behalf just doesn’t cut it.

Value Development

Understanding the data is one thing, seeing its value requires an innovative view on how it could be used. Developing a value to collecting and using date is critical. Business should not collect data just to collect it. It needs to provide value. Many existing approaches to data valuation start from assessing ideal properties of datasets. Silo Connectors helps build this value by developing:

  • A User-centered approach.
  • Finding Attributes and Metrics.
  • Identifying unpublished datasets
  • Evaluating the data source in terms of a Granularity – Aggregation Scale
  • Determine Immediate Intelligibility – Supporting Documentation Scale
  • Assess Trustworthiness
  • Evaluate Linkable to other data

Value Realization

Silo Connectors works with clients to help maximize the benefits of data design investments by combining technology with process improvement business capabilities. By focusing on specific business outcomes—efficiency, effectiveness and transparency—our data solutions standardize process capabilities across the enterprise to reduce costs; integrate processes and data to achieve highly reliable transactional flows; and provide timely and relevant data to enhance customer insight and decision-making.

Knowledge and Collaboration

As data sources and size proliferate, knowledge discovery from ‘Data’ is starting to pose several challenges. Silo Connectors help you address the challenge of archiving knowledge gained through collaboration, dissemination and visualization as part of the data analysis inference and decision-making lifecycle. We show how the tool serves as a digital record of institutional domain knowledge and as documentation for the evolution of data elements, queries and schemas over time. As a knowledge management service, Silo Connectors saves enterprise resources and time by avoiding analytic “silos”, expediting the process of multi-source data integration and intelligently documenting discoveries from collaborating analysts.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the means of providing a structured description of an enterprise’s information, the relationship of this information to business requirements and processes, applications and technology, and the processes and rules which govern it.” Silo Connectors helps clients create an information architecture using four (4) types of information. Transactional or structured content that supports business processes and workflows and is implemented using structured databases.   Analytical content that supports queries and analysis and is implemented using structured databases, [and which] will contain aggregated or derived information. Authored or unstructured content in a wide variety of formats, such as multimedia, application system programs, or text documents with embedded graphics. Published unstructured content assembled from its component pieces, into a desired format and disseminated to a target audience and implemented using technologies that optimize discovery, search and retrieval.


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