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Making Salesforce a destination for your sales and service teams is one of the biggest challenges companies using Salesforce face.   Users want a place where they can get more than CRM data.  Actual sales and invoice data is one of the most common requests.   Business owners want limited access to their accounting and financial systems.   Silo Connectors and our partner Autofy have solved this challenge.   We have applications and services that provide accounting package integration to Salesforce.  The most common integrations are between Salesforce and QuickBooks and Salesforce and Sage.   Now it is possible to populate invoice data directly into the Account object in Salesforce.   This includes a PDF of the actual invoice.   You determine the frequency of how often you want to refresh Salesforce with invoice data.   Your sales and service teams can access exactly what has been sold to your clients.  This aids with collections and enables sales management to compare forecasted amount vs actual in Salesforce.

We don’t stop at just accounting and financials either.  Silo Connectors and Autofy have prebuilt integrations for PayPal, and   Connecting your e-commerce site to Salesforce is another key integration that we provide.   We also do custom integrations.   If you did not see it here give us a call.   Increasing Salesforce adoption is our specialty.

Accounting Package Selection

Need help with selecting the right Cloud Accounting solution that best suits your company’s financial needs?  With hundreds of applications available Silo Connectors has significant accounting experience to lead you through this complicated selection process.  We have experience with non-profits, manufacturing firms and services based businesses.  Every company needs to report their financial results how you get there is a little different for each company.   We can help you choose which package best fits the nuances of your organization.



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