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CEO & Executive Connector Services

Many organizations have an inherent structure that prevents the flow of information, idea sharing, and cooperation. While this is never the intent of the business owner/stake holders, it sometimes just evolves that way.   At Silo Connectors we identify these information and productivity gaps between the silos and offer solutions to connect those gaps. This can be in the form of application integration, new business processes, or entire culture shifts.  Silo Connectors offers a service designed to help the CEO and Executive Management articulate why a given cloud application is being deployed to the work force.   It focuses on helping the end users understand how the application will enhance their work experience and in turn how it leads the company to greater productivity, efficiency and eventually profits.

Strategic Restructuring Services

As companies grow and evolve the financial and accounting systems need to evolve too.  In addition uncertain economic conditions can and do cause financial distress in companies.   Silo Connectors offers a number of restructuring services to resolve financial distress or provide short term leadership due to the unexpected departure of key personnel.  These services are focused on three areas:

Restructuring Leadership

Optimizing Debt and Capital Structure

Divesting Oversight

Strategic Account Management

Strategic account planning is a very time consuming activity.   Most companies simply cannot afford the selling time needed to complete more than a few strategic account plans for their most important accounts. This is a bit of an oxymoron, since it is widely accepted how valuable strategic account planning is.  Silo Connectors has a solution for automating this business challenge.   Our studies have shown we can reduce the time to create a strategic plan by a factor of fifty.   Our consultants work with your executive sales management and your most talented large account sales representatives to identify the best clients for creating a strategic account plan. Now your organization can have dozens of strategic account plans.   This information is presented in a graphical format that make it easy to identify improvement opportunities with your best clients. This leads to increased sales activity and eventually higher sales which is the very reason strategic accounts plans are created.

Business Process Mapping and Optimization

Any application whether client hosted or cloud based needs to make sure that the underlying business process is understood and more importantly is it a good process.   Many companies do not have their business processes document and more often than not do not know why things are done the way they are.   The quote that gets repeated is “We have always done it that way.”  This is one of the ways that Silos are created.  In most organizations silos occur even within a given department.   Information may exist in various spreadsheets, disparate data bases and systems across the enterprise, or the most challenging of all information that may only exists in the mind of key employees.   We refer to this as “tribal knowledge”.   In this service offering Silo Connectors personnel conduct facilitated discussions with various executives and key personnel across various departments.   The effort focuses on extracting productivity gaps that exist because of pockets of “tribal knowledge”.  We focus on short term wins that generate positive ROI with quantifiable value to any changes.

Create Your Cloud Strategy

At Silo Connectors we can help your business no matter where you are on the Cloud continuum.   Whether you have yet to embark upon the use of the Cloud or if you have already started and have hit unexpected challenges.   We can help you identify applications or business processes that may not be suitable for a Cloud style deployment.   Do you need a public, private or hybrid cloud? There are no fixed answers.   Every organization, is different and our team is here to help you get the most from your business application investments.

Go to Market Connector

What type of sales force do you need for your business? Do you need a high value enterprise sales team, a telesales model,  or a service sales force?   There are plenty of sales models, but knowing which type to deploy can determine success or failure of your business. Silo Connectors provides industry veteran consultants to evaluate your business, your sales force, and your end user customer to generate the optimal selling engine for your business.

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